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Altrincham Town Hall Wedding – Nicola & Anthony

When Nicola & Anthony approached me regarding their wedding photography last year I knew I just had to do it! Why? Merely 3 years earlier I and my husband Adam had tied the knot in exactly the same way at Altrincham Town Hall followed on by Kings Cafe Bar in Kings Court in Altrincham in a fun, natural and quirky wedding!

I knew this was going to be the same and I could not wait!

Fast forward to Saturday 20th May on a rather drizzly and dull morning in Altrincham, myself and my lovely assistant Beth arrived at The Cresta Court Hotel to a beautiful Nicola who was getting ready with her ladies and little Toby (the maid of honours newborn, who was an angel all morning), emotions were high and excitement was well and truly kicking in, the weather was not putting a dampener on this wedding. The fizz started to flow, final touches to hair and makeup and gifts for the bridesmaids were handed out and a super gorgeous little addition arrived with her Daddy, flower girl Phoebe, who looked super cute in her little dress!,

We then headed over to Altrincham Town Hall where the ceremony was being held, just as we arrived Anthony, Nyal, Louie (who looked very dapper in their Proposals Bridal suits) and some guests were heading into the Town Hall and there were many hugs and warm greetings with Anthony in anticipation for the emotional event ahead!

Not long after the beautiful ladies arrived to take centre stage in the Focus RS cars that had been hired especially for Anthony as it is his favourite car, it was time to say those all important vows and tie the knot, all I can say was it was highly emotional and a truly gorgeous ceremony, followed by massive smiles with a super fun confetti throw.

Whilst the guests made their way to the awesome Kings Cafe Bar which had been decorated by Nicola & Anthony, full of the coolest and beautiful centrepieces, handmade photo booth, props and more, we headed to Denzell Gardens to capture some intimate and loving portraits of the newlyweds, who I must say rocked it! They are so perfect for each other and even after 11 years of being together it was like it was their first date!

Now it was time to PARTAY!

The drinks were flowing, the food was being grilled on the BBQ, the sun had come out to play and it was just perfect, Nicola & Anthony had pulled off the wedding of their dreams, full of family, laughter and all things cool and quirky.

All that was left to do was dance the night away!

Thank you guys so much for having me share you incredible day together, it brought back amazing memories of my own wedding,  I am so blessed to have shared yours with you!

All my Love

Amy X

I thought I would end on a few tips from the beautiful bride about planning the wedding of her dreams:

Try not to let others sway your ideas or change your mind.

Remember why you wanted to get married in the first place ❤

Get rid of any negative energy, don’t be pressured into pleasing everyone.

Take time out together to take it all in and appreciate each other!

Enjoy your day!!!

Any DIY personal touches that you loved:

Made lots of my own bunting, centrepieces, cake topper etc. Loved putting my stamp on the wedding, getting creative as I adore the shabby chic/vintage and love being crafty! Making things yourself allows you to make it a lot more personal and feel good about what you have achieved. Would love to do it all again as it was more of a hobby to do on my days off!

Makeup palette at wedding Bridesmaid having makeup done whilst holding newborn babyBack of Brides shirt on wedding morning at Cresta Court HotelDSC_7045SkyBrides hands holding a tissue on wedding morningBridesmaids having a toast on wedding morning at Cresta Court Hotel in AltrinchamBridesmaid on the phone on wedding morning at Cresta Court HotelNicola smiling having her makeup applied on wedding morning Chaniece wearing her shoes in on the wedding morning Toby asleep in his mothers arms on wedding day morning at Cresta Court HotelBridesmaid dress hung up in the bathroom at Cresta Court HotelGemma writing on slippers at bridal prep in AltrinchamNicolas lips in mirror at bridal prep at Cresta Court hotel in AltrinchamNicola smiling at bridal prep in AltrinchamBridal prep at Cresta Court in AltrinchamNicola at the window with veil on at Cresta Court HotelNicola holding Toby at bridal prep at Cresta Court HotelLittle baby grow on sofa at cresta court hotel Bridesmaid opening their gifts on wedding morning Gemma wiping away tears on wedding morningFlower girl hanger at bridal prep at cresta court hotelNicole buttoning up Phoebes flower girl dress Phoebes bow in her hair on wedding morning Phoebe smiling in her flower girl dress on wedding morning at cresta court hotelBridesmaids hangers Father of the brides hands whilst he waits Anthony walking across the road with guests to Altrincham Town HallGuests arriving for Altrincham Town Hall wedding Guests arriving under umbrella for Altrincham Town Hall wedding Guest in doorway of Altrincham Town HallBridesmaid and flower girl waiting for bride outside Altrincham Town HallBridal party walking into Altrincham Town HallBridesmaids walking up the staircase in Altrincham Town HallLouie & Nyal cuddling their Grandad before the ceremony at Altrincham Town HallMother of the Groom smiling at ceremony at Altrincham Town HallAnthony smiling towards his best man at ceremony in Altrincham Town HallAnthony waiting for Nicola to come down the aisle at Altrincham Town HallNicola walking down the aisle at Altrincham Town Hall weddingAnthony getting emotional seeing Nicola at Altrincham Town Hall wedding Nicola and Anthony taking vows at Altrincham town hall wedding Nicola and Anthony share first kiss as husband and wife at Altrincham town hall wedding Nicola and Anthony walk down the aisle as Husband and Wife at Altrincham Town Hall weddingGuests congratulating the bride and groom Nyal giving his mum a hug at Atrincham Town Hall wedding Anthony and Nicola having their confetti shot outside Altrincham Town HallConfetti on the floor outside Altrincham Town HallAnthony and Nicola under archway at Denzell Gardens in AltrinchamNicola & Anthony in wedding portrait at Denzell Gardens in AltrinchamNIcola smiling at Anthony at Denzell Gardens Nicola and Anthony laughing in each others arms in Denzell GardensNicola and Anthony under trees in Denzell GardensNicola and Anthony laughing under trees in Denzell Gardens Wedding Photography CheshireWedding portraitsWedding signs at Kings Cafe Bar in AltrinchamWedding details at Kings Cafe Bar in AltrinchamWedding centrepiece at Kings Cafe Bar in AltrinchamWedding cake at Kings Cafe Bar in Altrincham wedding BBQ at Kings Cafe Bar in AltrinchamLouie and Nyal entering Kings Court in AltrinchamAnthony and Nicola entering Kings Court on wedding day in AltrinchamKids book at Kings Cafe Bar Bridesmaids and groomsmen at wedding at kings cafe bar in altrinchamWedding Photography CheshireNicola and Anthony sat on old bike outside Kings Cafe Bar in AltrinchamWedding Photography CheshireNicola and Anthony share their first dance together at Kings Cafe Bar in AltrinchamFirst dance at KIngs Cafe BarWedding Photography CheshireWedding Photography CheshireWedding Photography CheshireWedding Photography CheshireWedding Photography CheshireWedding Photography CheshireWedding Photography CheshireWedding Photography CheshireWedding Photography CheshireWedding Photography Cheshire

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