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A fun, documentary family film session in Lancashire

One afternoon, Kerry Woods, owner of Kerry Woods Photography messaged me and asked if I would film her gorgeous little family and I immediately said YES! I had seen Kerry’s work and admired it from afar and had met her a couple of times before!

She was actually in the early stages of pregnancy and wanted to also incorporate a pregnancy reveal in a quirky and fun way! I could not wait!

I arrived in Lancashire on a somewhat moody day and went up to Kerry’s utterly gorgeous blue front door. When I went in, the house was just out of this world, all the character and charm a loving family home should have and boy has Kerry got bloody style, it was MY dream house! The perfect backdrop to a family film!

I could tell they were a little nervous, but I assured them it was just a day in the life of the Woods family and to just be themselves and do everything they would normally do, so of course Lily was finishing her cereal and having a little sing to herself, whilst I met the gorgeous doggies of the household, one being Frankie who unfortunately was blind but omg super cute, and he gave the best cuddles ( you will see in the film he loved his chews) RIP Frankie gorgeous boy!

Then it was story time with a classic of The Jungle Book and I just filmed all these beautiful moments, such as Lily having a good jump on the sofa, something she does regularly, family dancing around the living room, being hung upside down and cuddles with Daddy Matt!

We then had a cup of tea and a little walk around the local village, doing lots of swings and jumping! Lastly, I got Lily to sing me her favorite song, something I always do when filming so that her voice will always be there for Mum and Dad to listen to in years to come and remember just how she sounded in that amazing moment in life!

The song was chosen by Kerry and Matt, as it is a song that means something to them as a family and they love to dance to!

Since filming their amazing family film, Lily’s baby brother Harry has now been born and is absolutely adorable and growing fast!

PS. If you would like to check out Kerry’s incredible house and skills, then you have to follow her account on Instagram @myvictorianinterior

Lastly, here is the full film ( I adore this family)



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