Jody & Toby – Cheshire Pre-wedding Session

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Jody & Toby – Cheshire Pre-wedding Session

So since doing this session, the lovely Jody & Toby have tied the knot at the gorgeous Statham Lodge in Lymm and become the new Mr & Mrs Highfield, so keep your eyes out for their wedding blog showing off their awesome day which included Krispy Kreme doughnuts (mmmmmmmm)

(Drifting off drooling about Krispy Kreme doughnuts) Right, back to reality, let’s get back to Jody & Toby and their wonderful pre-wedding session at the breath taking Tatton Park in Cheshire, on a cold but dry morning with beautiful and scenic views everywhere we looked, with the odd plane flying over!

Jody and Toby were completely fabulous together in front of the camera which is never easy as how often do we all have photo’s taken, but they looked like complete pro’s with the result being a epic, natural photography shoot, we talked about their wedding plans and got to know each other better to ensure when their big day arrived they were completely natural around me to ensure I could capture the best documentary photography and it totally worked as you will see from their wedding blog coming soon!

In the meantime check this out!

Amy X

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