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The Bucket List! What are your plans?

Howdy guys!

So as some of you may or may not know, I recently posted my bucket list of places and venues I would absolutely love to shoot and I wanted to discuss more of them in depth and why I want to shoot them!

So lets have a look at the list:

– Las Vegas wedding
– Tipi wedding (Emma & James, I am super excited for this!)
– Iceland wedding
– Elopement wedding (Gretna Green, Scottish Highlands)
– Fun fair family session
– Fun fair wedding
– Beach session (family, couple, wedding) (Becky & Simon, let’s rock it!)
– Italy wedding
– Santorini wedding
– Paris Session (couple or wedding)
– Owen House Wedding Barn wedding (Megan & Jason, you have fulfilled a venue dream!)
– Woodland wedding
– A bride with a coloured wedding dress (wackier the better)
– A couple over 65 (anniversary or wedding)
– Disneyland wedding
– Treehouse wedding
– A session involving a row boat
– Victoria Baths wedding

As you can see there is a mixture of wacky, fun and wonderful venues, styles and more on there!

Let’s look at why some of these inspire me and why I want to shoot there!

Elopement Wedding (Gretna Green, Scottish Highlands) 

This is a huge dream style of wedding for me, after seeing inspirational photo’s from other amazing photographer’s and the backdrops, this is a huge desire of mine. I love the simplicity of an elopement and how it is all just about the couple tying the knot and gazing into each other’s eyes in the middle of nowhere, with a handful of nearest and dearest, with just the whistle of the wind and those all important vows and words, I just get all the feels thinking about it!DSC_6335Sky

A session involving a row boat

I can honestly say small row boats actually terrify me, ever since I was a child and that day when I was in one with my Dad and it was swaying side to side so much I thought we were going to sink (although I didn’t mention we were in knee deep water on Pickmere lake haha!) However the thought of a loved up couple, chilling and snuggling in a small row boat just makes me swoon! Just the two of you in the middle of the water with nothing to distract you and all the love in a small boat (oh and me with my camera, but I promise you will hardly notice me!) followed by a little picnic with those awesome triangle sandwiches and scones and can’t forget the fizz! Bliss!

Victoria Baths Wedding

So, this is a Manchester venue I have admired for a couple of years now and if I had only known of this incredible place when I was planning my wedding I would not of hesitated to book! It is everything I love (vintage, quirky, fun, super cool) oh did I mention it actually used to be a swimming baths (I bet you guessed from the name right?) after viewing this venue from afar on other photographers pages and Pinterest, I am absolutely dying to get in there and capture all that nostalgia and gorgeous history (did you know there are rooms that are historical magic with wallpaper peeling and old fireplaces and original wooden floorboards and, and, and……OMG I must stop as I could go on about this place all day!!) You have your ceremony and reception in the belly of the swimming pool (that’s right you will be getting married at the deep end, LITERALLY haha!) with all its ancient tiled glory, with the original changing room stalls to have the most insane portraits, I think you can see why I really want to shoot here!


Italy Wedding 

When originally planning my own wedding, I really wanted to hire out a french chateau and have my nearest and dearest with me and just have a week of sun, wine and fun (however when your Nan won’t go on a plane and you Grandad won’t go on a boat we had to ditch that idea and the drive just seemed madness!) but even now I admire all the beautiful, dreamy weddings I see on Pinterest in vineyards and chateaus with all its history, incredible backdrops and the weather of course. I love how simple the weddings feel and how it is so relaxed, you really don’t need much decoration with the kind of backdrops and venues you see in Italy, it speaks for itself, plus Italy is somewhere I have always wanted to go and explore and what better way than going and doing what I love at the same time!


I could go on and on about what is on my Bucket List and why, but this blog would be far too long and I think I would likely bore you halfway through haha!

If you are planning your wedding and anything on my Bucket List, then get in touch and let me know what you are up to, even if it is not on my list and you are doing something unique to you, let me know, I really would love to hear all about it!

I am a natural, relaxed and fun photographer and I truly feel I would fit in your plans perfectly!

All my love

Amy X

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