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What goes into transforming an image, Amy Louise style!

Hi Guys,

It’s blog time again and this time I wanted to go into a little more depth on how I transform an image from the moment it comes out of camera to delivering to your screen. Even though the image can be delivered as it is from camera, I personally like to add some punch, depth and vibrancy to my images, giving the overall style that you receive when booking myself!

In addition, things sometimes need straightening (I swear I have a wonky eye sometimes when shooting haha) and a colour grade as some camera auto white balance can be a bit out and therefore needs tweaking, below is an image before I have touched it, straight from camera.

As you can see the colours don’t really pop and the white balance seems rather muddy, the overall image is not that crisp, it doesn’t jump out at me so, lets get to work on the edit!


Firstly, I want to straighten the image of the awesome Chris & Angelo as I can see from the bottom lines that it is slightly out, it is good to use the prominent lines in your image as a guide on what is straight.

Ok so we have now fixed my wonky vision (I blame it on the fact my left leg is shorter than my right, FACT! haha!) it’s time to add my preset (this is a saved version of the colours, shadows, highlights and all other things that make up my style and I like) once this is added a few tweaks are needed, such as the red in the telephone boxes are not the right tone of red for me, i want it to REALLY pop so I will tweak that and cool the image down slightly on white balance!

Below is the final version and hopefully you will see a huge difference in the colours, vibrancy and overall style and look. When you are paying for your wedding photography or any photography, you are not only paying for us to come shoot the session but to apply all these tweaks and styles after the session to give you a clean, crisp finished stylised image to cherish and share!

Sometimes this can take a huge chunk of time, but I totally love this part of seeing the moments captured being transformed and seeing the before and afters!


This image is fairly good out of camera so there is not much more to tweak or mess with, however there can be some images that require much more work and tweaks that I will share with you another time!

Peace out guys!

Amy X


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