Tips on creating your wedding timeline!

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Tips on creating your wedding timeline!

Let’s create your wedding timeline!

So your wedding is drawing closer and you are starting to wonder how to organise everything to make the most of your amazing day and to fit everything you have planned in!

Well hopefully I can help! After being involved in many weddings and having to do my own schedule to make sure I am where I need to be and when, I feel I could help make this process that little bit easier for you, whether it is a super laid back day or a jam packed day, I definitely think it helps knowing what is going on so things don’t run over or become stressful on the day!

It helps to let someone close in the bridal party know of the plans so they can help on the day, such as maid of honour or best man, that way you can fully enjoy your day and focus on your partner and guests!

The Morning

Bridesmaid laughing at The Mere

  • So it will all begin with you waking up super early with excitement for the day ahead, make sure you have some breakfast or something to eat (I know for some this is daunting as you want to fit into that amazing dress) however you will thank me for this tip as once it all gets going you wont get much chance and you don’t want to end up fainting through hunger during the ceremony!
  • Another tip is if you are wearing a strapless dress, get that bra off! The last thing you want is bra strap marks with that beautiful gown!
  • Cheshire based Makeup artist and stylist Lisa Simms says “I always write an agenda for the morning, detailing exactly who gets done when so that everyone involved knows what times they’re working too. Aim to have hair and makeup done at the latest 1 hr before the ceremony (obviously also allow for travel time if you’re travelling onto the venue) Think about who is putting the bride into her dress so that person can be ready early and aren’t the last to be done. Make sure the final details are easily to hand – earrings, necklace, veil so you’re not running around trying to find things. I’d always do bride second to last as well so they’ve got some chill time ahead of getting into the dress”
  • Make sure you have given enough time for the amount of bridesmaids you have for makeup so you don’t run over and end up being fashionably late for your wedding
  • When you are having your makeup done, if it is close to leaving time, this is a great time for your bridesmaids to get their dresses on and accessories, ready to help you get in your dress!


  • Always allow plenty of extra time for a dress that laces up at the back!
  • If you have wedding cars, they will likely arrive earlier than expected to ensure they miss any traffic and don’t make you late so when someone shouts the cars are here and its still too early DON’T PANIC!
  • Your schedule should ensure you leave with plenty of time to avoid any traffic or alternative routes (so plan your trip before the day in maps and work out when is the latest you can possibly leave!)

The Ceremony


  • The groom will normally arrive a good 30 minutes or earlier before the ceremony to ensure everything is right at the church (flowers etc) and to greet the guests
  • Your vicar, priest or registrar should have let you know beforehand roughly how long the ceremony takes so you can plan around this!
  • ENJOY the ceremony, take in every moment and remember to smile for the photo’s (resting bitch face might not look so great!)
  • Once the ceremony is over, you may be planning confetti, this is a great time to get everyone outside and lined up ready to go wild! This can take a good 10 minutes to set up and do with large groups sometimes so allow time for this!
  • Confetti shot at Cheshire Barn Wedding

Reception Time

Time to have a drink and mingle with your guests!

  • This is also the time when your photographer will be getting group shots and portraits so always leave a good 1 hour and a half to 2 hour gap for your reception drinks before the meal to ensure they can capture everything they need to!
  • Consider how many group shots are necessary, from experience group shots can take 2-3 minutes per photo to setup so if you had a very long list, it is likely your photographer would not be able to catch much else such as the beautiful details and your guests having a great time naturally! I always say a maximum of 8-10 is a good number and you also don’t want to feel like all your day has been is nothing but photograph after photograph and ending up with the feeling like you have a hanger stuck in your mouth due to over smiling so much!
  • Designate the maid of honour or best man to round up the guests involved in the group shots, this makes it much quicker!
  • Always allow a good 20 minutes for the photographer to take you away and grab some portraits of you both (from experience you will love these photos and will treasure them) It is also a perfect way to just get away for a little while to see your new husband/wife and get some alone time as you don’t get much all day! You are of course a celebrity for the day!

Bride snuggled into the groom

  • Once these group shots and portraits are done you will then have some time to speak with your guests and get a drink down your neck and take in all the hard work you have done the past 12 months plus!


  • Your venue should of catered the time for the meal to run smoothly so you should not need to worry about this!
  • If you don’t want your speeches to run over and have a time frame in mind of when your evening guests are arriving, it may be worth setting a time limit for each speaker so they don’t end up doing a 30 minute speech and potentially sending gran to sleep before she can strut her stuff on the dance floor


Dance Time

  • I always advise to get the cake cutting and first dance out of the way early, so then you can fully relax and just get drunk! Award winning Cheshire DJ Andy Murphy says “I would suggest a 7pm start time and then give guests the time to chill and for you to meet and greet evening folk. I would aim for an 8pm first dance”
  • There is not much really to schedule at this point as it is just PARTY TIME!
  • If you are having evening food your venue will normally cater this and have worked out timings!




I hope these tricks and tips have helped in creating your wedding timeline and making your day as stress free as possible, just remember it is all your nearest and dearest there to see you tie the knot so it should be FUN!

All my love

Amy X

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