Why a pre-wedding session is so important!

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Why a pre-wedding session is so important!

Pre-wedding photography and why I feel it is so important!

I really want to talk to you about a pre-wedding session and what makes it important!

When it comes to the wedding photography, it is a huge part of the day and as a photographer I am by your side 80% of the day. As a couple, you probably don’t have professional photo’s taken that often, if at all, and this can make the thought of the wedding photography quite scary!

This is where the pre-wedding session comes into it’s glory and why I feel it makes all the difference between natural, relaxed wedding photo’s and forced photo’s!

At the pre-wedding shoot we spend time talking about your plans further and getting to know each other better so that you can hopefully start to feel more relaxed around me and know that I am not here to judge you, but to help ensure you have amazing and natural portraits between you both!

The pre-wedding session usually lasts 45 minutes and is at a location of your choice within a certain distance of Manchester and Cheshire, you wear what you both feel comfortable in and we just go for a nice walk and a good old natter about anything and everything!

I won’t lie, the first 5 minutes may feel just as awkward as you might expect, however once those 5 minutes have passed and I have cracked some of my totally awesome jokes, you will start to realise that it is not as cheesy as you might have thought (well apart from my bad jokes of course)!

As crazy as this might sound, I would rather you feel slightly awkward for 5-10 minutes in a pre-wedding session than worried and rather nervous for most of the BIG day due to you both having no idea what to expect and how to pose, act and feel! Trust me you both have enough to think about on the run up to the wedding, photo’s should not be one of them!


As I offer a pre-wedding session within my photography package, all my couples on the wedding day feel relaxed, excited and instantly know what I am going to do and what to expect from me (to have a laugh and capture some awesome, real, natural moments)

I think you will now see how passionate I am about the pre-wedding session! I want to capture you’re wedding day as a friend, who knows all about what you went through to make that day extra special and all the hours you spent planning it, who also knows what makes you both tick and what you like and don’t like when having the camera pointed in your direction!


I hope this blog has helped if you are on the fence about having a pre-wedding session, I can assure you it is totally worth it!

All my Love

Amy X

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